Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lfw A/W 11 - The Briefcase

LFW A/W 11 - The Plastic Green Belt

LFW A/W 11 - The Day-glo Beenie Trend, Part 1

LFW A/W 11 - Model Turned Photographer

Love the big scarf with the hat and the blond hair. Classy. But then what else to expect from a former model!

LFW A/W 11 - The Self-augmented Vintage Jacket

This German blogger took it into his own hands to improve on an already impressive checkered vintage jacket by adding the red stitching and the buckle. Accessorising it with the pocket square and red socks completes the quirky look, and we likey!

LONDON FASHION WEEK Autumn/Fall 2011 - The Layered Scarves

London Fashion Week has come and gone. Phew! Standing around for mindless hours for six days takes the toll on any sub-super human snapper but especially taxing on one with a skeptical eye on the proceedings. That said, shows were admirably on time; no House of Holland PR fiasco of a year ago this time around, but the weather made no one's life any easier but sure made most pics look very dull. So, a big thank you to you, fella, up there!

But to brighten up our day, here's an American journo with some well-chosen mix of layers and colours and a matching sunny personality to start us off with.

Woolen Suit and Gillet

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Orange Shoulder bag

Great colour combo here. That touch of burnt orange shoulder bag is what makes this look complete. The jeans have just the right amount/tint of fade

Does anybody still wear wrist watches in the age of mobile phone clocks? Glad to see that some still do

Mark, a very old mate. Fashion designer, naturally!

Corduroy and Pork Pie Hat

Going through a corduroy phase at the moment, so loving this look