Sunday, 28 March 2010

Blue Nylon Varsity Jacket

A gorgeous blue jacket on Guenther perfectly accessorised

Retro Colour Combo

My friend Jazzypony

There is so much that is right about this picture, don't even know where to start. Firstly and obviously, the colours. On their own mustard and turquoise can be tricky but here, together again for the first time since the '50s, they convey a retro Americana iconography towards which we at SNTF headquarters always feel partial

We also approve of the daring display of a bushy red beard. Facial hair these days tend to veer towards the over-groomed/sculpted metrosexual "creations" so any representation that flies in the face of non-conformist thinking we will always applaud... Or is it simply because we know the fellow and he can do no wrong with us or because we have a weakness for red hair in general?!

Regardless, do I hear you scream STYLE ICON?! Oh, yesss!

An unquestionably stunning image! In fact we were so under its spell we made it our mascot.

Yellow Raincoat

Photo: Hermano Silva

Great (but controversial!!?) colour combination

The Phonebox Hipster

Photo: Hermano Silva

A stylish (although regrettably monochromatic - Ed.) chap outside The House of Holland fiasco. If I recall correctly, it was a Supreme cap which in my book will always compensate for any unfortunate use of greys, earth tones et al...

The Yellow Socks

Photo: Hermano Silva

My co-conspirator, Mr Silva and I were stalking this gent all afternoon before finally one of us had the courage to approach him. He was a formidable figure after all. We were impressed by his bag first then the yellow socks but overall by his very masculine yet stylish approach to street dressing. Am I wrong in thinking that he is the proprietor of a newish men's shopping emporium on Shoreditch High Street called Present?


Photo: Hermano Silva

Prefer my braces to be the old-fashioned bottoned kind, but I do like the red leather here against simple white Ts

NOT a Trilby!

Came across this chap on my way to my favourite drinking establishment the other day. Sadly I wasn't prepared for any unforeseen facion encounters, therefore all I had at my disposal was my rather inferior photographic (but otherwise perfectly fabulous) mobile telecommunications device thingy...hence the questionable image quality. Soz

Anyhoo, I was immediatelly taken by this most original cinching technique on his snazzy little old fashioned hat, which I must stress was NOT one of those high street trilby-embarrassments but rather a 1940's gentleman's bonnet. On further investigation, it was revealed to me that it was not any sort of a facion statement, simply a question of practicality - the headgear was simply too big for our chap. Ha! E voila, another style classic is brought into being by sheer accident...Sir, we salute you!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Swedish Retro Design

Gorgeous '50-60s retro design found in a Stockholm elevator

(courtesy of Mr Chamoun Issa)

Bernstock Speirs Hats

Lovely hats from Bernstock Speirs on Brick Lane appropriating styles of anything from '60s Cote d'Azur to the American Civil War and street-style beenies

Workmen's Pants and Braces

Love the combination of old-fashioned braces/workmen's trousers/stripey socks/brogues...All that's missing is a beret, eh! (Or not!)

"Love And Be Loved" Designer and His Coat

I happened upon this fellow named Amin Phillips this afternoon manning his own stall in Spitalfields. He had on one of the most amazing overcoats I have ever come across. A long fitted number of heavy wool. It had a high collar and a most unusual double breasted design where an excess of fabric between the top and second bottons constructed a near pouch-like space. One could conceivably walk around Napoleon-like with one hand comfortably warming in that pocket in the harsh Russian winters - if one was inclined to embark yet again on such futile endeavours, that is...

A very sexy coat, but you better have the body for it!

(Apologies for the rubbish picture quality. Wretched light conditions...)

Supreme Rucksack

My very own kit bag papped by the good people of "". Been a long time Supreme supporter since their very first store opened on Lafayette St in the early '90s - around the corner from my old digs

Monday, 8 March 2010

Polaroid sunglasses

Very cool retro rimless sunglasses. They even had their original case. Had something similar many moons ago

The Belgian Connection

I was taken by these three incongruously bright rubbish skips in East London when this fella walked by pointing out that they were the Belgian flag's colours and in fact he worked in Brussels and happened to be wearing his host nation's hues himself (well, nearly)

Nice scarf, Massimo!

Ayame Socks

I'm in love!! Saw these socks yesterday at Son of Stag on Brick Lane and it was love at first sight. Sadly, they're prohibitively dear (£25-30) but I was seriously considering spending the monthly mortgage payment on the top four here...What stopped me was my general unease towards pieces of clothing that, through their pricetag, become too "Sunday Best", too "precious" thus rendering them almost unwearable in my mind. Yet, yet..."sighs"

Now, as pieces of art, framed, on the wall - that's a whole other matter!...

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Steve Zissou??!!

...and suddenly he's on! What's the world coming to!

Photo courtesy of and Tommy Ton

Ralph Lauren Design For USA Olympic Team Uniform

Love the retro feel of the team's Ralph Lauren-designed uniform. The hiking boots, ski pants tucked into white woolen socks, the skandy woolen hat, even the navy puffa jacket. Very cool. Reminds me of the glamour of pre-Gortex/nylon skiing before the 70s. See illustrations bellow...

And The Inspiration Behind It All


Tone It Down, Fella!

Don't know who this chap is but he kept following me around. He might have a thing for bright colours, me thinks..........

Photo courtesy of Tommy Ton

Green Shoelaces

Brilliant touch those laces! Love the scruffed-up desert boots too - and the overall look, of course

Grace Jones Bag

Incredible colours and THAT BAG! Perfect accessory!

The Red Poncho

The Rucksack

The rucksack that seems to be on every fashion page after the shows. It looks vintage but I bet it's Luis Vuitton or such...wink wink