Tuesday, 27 September 2011

LFW S/S 12 Meadham Kirchhof, Red-chequered Skirt


LFW S/S 12 Meadham Kirchhof, Colour Overload

LFW S/S 12 Meadham Kirchhof, French Patriotic Brogues

The right length trousers and a rather incongruous but most useful little piece of fabric by which all our lives would have been enhanced first thing in the morning... Ingenious especially as it lends a much needed colour to the otherwise bland gray flannel suit

LFW S/S 12 Meadham Kirchhof THAT Prada Boa!

LFW S/S 12 Meadham Kirchhof Print Dress

LFW S/S 12 Somerset House, Jaegermeister Bag


LFW S/S 12 PAUL SMITH A Rain-soaked Bumble-bee

LFW S/S 12 TOPSHOP/UNIQUE Margaret Howell Coat

A stylish stylist shocker!...Oversized hooded duffel coat

LFW S/S 12 TOPSHOP/UNIQUE Texture/Colour

LFW S/S 12 Anna dello Russo - Fashion: 1 Style: 0

I'm sure she's a lovely woman, but it's irritated me for years how she's venerated as a bastion of style and originality when all I ever see on her is top-end designer gear top-to-toe. She may be perfectly fashionable, but stylish?! A fashion victim, perhaps...

LFW S/S 12 Topshop/Unique The Ubiquitous Cambridge Satchel Co. Bag

These were everywhere, mostly in bright colours. On the bottom it's a nice juxtaposition with pink two-tone brogues, though.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

LFW S/S 12 Somerset House, Yellow on Black

LFW S/S 12 Somerset House, Grass Skirt

LFW S/S 12 Somerset House, Flapper Hat with Oversized Flower

LFW S/S 12 Somerset House Navy/Green Combo...and Rose

LFW S/S 12 Somerset House Photographer

LFW S/S 12 Junya Watanabe jacket

Portobello Market trader

Market trader chic...

LFW S/S 12 @ Westwood, Yet Another Eccentric Dresser Shocker!

LFW S/S 12 @ Westwood, Moss Green Pirate Hat

LFW S/S 12 @ Westwood, Purple Socks

LFW S/S 12 @ Westwood Polka Dot Stilettos

LFW S/S 12 @ Westwood, Manbag

LFW S/S 12 @ Vivienne Westwood, Red/Black Leather Coat

LFW S/S 12 Rubber Neon Orange Westwood Loafers


LFW S/S 12 Neon Lace Skirt

LFW S/S 12 North Face Windbreaker - WANT ONE!

LFW S/S 12 Susanah Lau of Lfw's Daily

Sunday, 18 September 2011

London Fashion Week S/S '12 - Erin O'Connor

I think it's appropriate to start my LFW reportage with a shot of the towering Erin. She is so tall in fact that she doesn't even fit in the frame...er

@ Vivienne Westwood

Saturday, 17 September 2011