Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bob Dylan in a Rather Snazzy Leather Coat

Never considered Bob much of a style icon, but having come across this in this month's British GQ, I must don my chapeau before the great man. It makes me understand why I've always had a weakness for showing a bit of ankle and sock. I must have been influenced by images such as this growing up. Not only is the short hem cool, it is, er, sexy...Generally, not a big fan of leather but that double breasted military style number with the belt firmly tightened is one hot look. Or is it the aviators (or that scruffy beard) that make this work so, so well?!

Sorry folks, but I'll be sporting this once this crazy heatwave passes and normal April broadcast resumes

Monday, 18 April 2011

Berlin - Inside the Legendary UFA Studios

Even forklifts' logos are cool in Berlin...'70s East German furniture collection

V&A South African Photography Exhibition Party

Spring in London - The Colours Are Out

Denham Jeans Party - Mat Bickley of Joyn

The perfect jeans and the SUPEREST boots. Just how jeans should always be faded and work boots scruffed. Would love to see them mixed with something more formal like a smartly cut pinstripe suit... We approve of the whole anzug

Denham Jeans Party - "Truth Is In The Detail"

Denham Jeans Party - Silk Pocket Square and Checks

Denham Jeans Party - Military Anorak

An original Dutch military foul-weather anorak - an inspiration for some of Denham's current line of windbreakers and rain coats

Friday, 15 April 2011

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Yamamoto Party at the V&A - Yours Truly in the Observer

Yohji Yamamoto Opening at the V&A - Wim Wenders, Yohji

Wim Wenders genuflecting, blow-up doll, the master...

Yohji Yamamoto Opening at the V&A - Damien Whitmore

The always stylish Damien Whitmore, a V&A director, looking dapper

Yohji Yamamoto Opening at the V&A - Beauty (Part 2)

You're at a Yamamoto party so naturally your brain is on a Japanese cutting edge design default mode. Your mind goes "Oh, I recognise that! Yohji S/S '07" or "I just love those Miyake pleats, dahling". So, not surprisingly, I was drawn to this stunning former model in her daring yellow Comme De Garcons A/W '10 poncho...Er, except that upon investigating, this innovative design turned out to have come directly from the shelves of non other than the local garden centre. £3.50! How ridiculous did I feel! And I loved being fooled by my own snobbery...

Yohji Yamamoto Opening at the V&A - Beauty (Part 1)

A modern day Gloria Swanson? Breathtakingly beautiful

Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday, 1 April 2011

A New Bed and Breakfast in Berlin