Thursday, 31 March 2011

Paris - @ Miu Miu - The Look of the Day Part 2

TRUE CLASS! In capital letters...

Shala Monroque...No idea who she is, apparently some fashion editor/muse/gallerist and seems to look immaculate every time she steps out of the house. Keeping my eyes out for her now

Paris - @ Miu Miu - The Look of the Day Part 1

True style!...Gorgeous!

Paris - @ Miu Miu - Pink Bow

Paris - @ Miu Miu - The Nonchalantly (?) Tucked-in Jeans

Paris - @ Miu Miu - Giant Bandana

Paris - @ Miu Miu - Neon Pink Beeny - Smell a Trend

Paris - @ Miu Miu - Decked Out in Prada

Paris - @ Miu Miu - Green/Peach

Paris - @ Miu Miu - Blue Mink Part 2

Paris - @ Miu Miu - Kiwi, Navy, Fuchsia

Paris - Tommy Ton of

Returning the favour (or five)...Gorgeous Prada jumper on our fave intrepid facion reporter

Paris - Marcello Burlon

The long-lost friend

Paris - The Red Stripe

That red strip makes an otherwise ubiquitous jacket

Paris - @Louis Vuitton - Rei of

Paris - @Louis Vuitton - Black Socks

American blogger Tamu

Paris - Ecole des Beaux Arts, Architecture Dept.

Paris - Jardin de Tuilleries

Paris - Torn Pocket

Observe the trousers tucked into socks! Very on-trend...or just a bicyclist's practical sartorial choice?!...:-)

Andrei, art student at Ecole des Beaux Arts

Paris - The Spirit of Comedie Francaise

Paris - The Unwitting Fashion Muse

I got fooled again. Having just bumped into a long-lost friend on Rue St Honore, my spirits now agreeably elevated, I was drawn to this chap crossing the street with a cool nonchalance that signaled "hipster". He had the swagger of a Shoreditch scenester with the matching vintage-store jacket, trousers rolled up just to the right height, retro chunky shoes circa 1989, the omnipresent beard and the sensitive eyes of a creative person. There was something so wrong yet so right about the look that my "hipdar" (hipster radar) instantly flagged him up as a suspicious character worth investigating...

As it turned out I double bluffed my own self: I projected irony where there was none. The poor fellow was so clueless as to what I wanted when asked for his picture (not speaking the same language didn't help) that he actually reached for my camera thinking I was a tourist in need of a snap shot outside Comedie Francaise. His jacket was in fact something his mother picked out for him, the shoes really date back from 1989 and the short trousers just a lazy response to overlong pant lengths. While he couldn't have been more sweet and accommodating (and very very bemused) I sauntered off with burning ears and a huge grin between them...Very happy indeed to have been fooled by a total fashion (male) ingenue. The very fact that he wasn't a self-conscious hipcat (helped by his peculiar gait and his confidence,) made him even more cool then any East End arty type...

Yours Truly on (Part 1)


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - The Look of the Day Part 2

Grrrrrr...Another Style icon nominee

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Grace

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Backstage Crew

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Poser in Mink

Refused to shoot the circus outside the tents. Found it tasteless and desperate. People would turn up in the most outrageous couture dresses, walk down the "red carpet" (actually white) then not having tickets for the shows themselves, they turn around and strut back and forth shamelessly hogging the cameras in the hope for two minutes of fame on some obscure blogger's site.

London, compared to the Tuilleries, is like some muddy Midlands village fair. Despite the failure of Robert Altman's "Pret-a-Porter" this is ripe for a revisit by a filmmaker with the right sort of skewed sensibilities. It's as if people were trying to recreate "La Dolce Vita's" Via Veneto scenes 50 odd years on. Mad and sad - they clearly got Fellini's message wrong...

This young woman seemed to be one of the scenesters. At least I liked her colour combo

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Coat Over One Shoulder

I noticed this done at least three times over the next few days...

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Angelo, Italian Journo

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Peach Jumper

An always snazzily dressed American blogger

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Headscarf

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Bloggers at Work

Blogger (moi) shooting bloggers shooting blogger shooting subject. Postmodernism or wha!

Good look on the long-haired chap. Baby blue, hunters green, red, blue gingham - stylin!

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - The Look of the Day

Wow, this is awesome! Def style icon nominee...

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Mad, Green Skirt

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Yellow Scarf

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Jil Sander Bag/Orange Belt

My gave bag of the moment

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Two Worlds

Australian model Jess Hart

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Purple Jumper

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - The Right Trouser Leg

Paris Fashion Week - @ Jean-Charles de Castelbajac - Green Scraf

Paris Fashion Week - @ Jean-Charles de Castelbajac - A Bystander

Paris Fashion Week - @ Jean-Charles de Castelbajac - Blue Button

My mate James's Falke socks with their trademark button on the ankle