Thursday, 30 September 2010

LWF '10...A Blaze of Colours at Ashish

Fantastic digitally printed fabric dress with the ever-present ankle socks. Gosh, I do hope it's not going to become a trend (is it too late?) or, mon dieu, cross over to the high street, as then it'll get very annoying very quickly. Right now, it's the hottest look around

LWF '10...A Blaze of Colours Part 2

LWF '10...A Blaze of Colours at Burberry

LWF '10... Red Corduroy Suit at Burberry

Great shock of colours: bright red, deep purple, moss green handbag.

LWF '10... The Leopard Print Fur Coat

This is such a crazy look but it sure works for me. Without the socks it would be pretty bland

LWF '10... Columbian Fashion Journo

An absolute perfect look. Class!

LWF '10... Women In Socks Series

Sexy floral platforms and socks combo

LWF '10... Front to Back Shirt

LWF '10... Radio Africa Journo at Meadham Kirchhoff

Saturday, 25 September 2010

LWF '10... Paul Smith Stores' Designer

I love this guy! The knitted vest, the right cut and length of his chinos, the laceless brogues... And he's wearing his son's school uniform tie (all 8 inches of it)! How cool is that! It just represents everything that imaginative but understated dressing is about

A lovely chap too

LWF '10...Blond at Paul Smith

That profile!! Surely doesn't belong to a mere human but to a sculpture! (Not sure though if the blow-died hair look was in in renaissance Florence...)

Friday, 24 September 2010

LWF '10...Satin pumps at Paul Smith

LWF '10...A Striking Profile at Paul Smith

LWF '10...Orange at Paul Smith

LWF '10...A Stylish Gent at Paul Smith

A stylish all-American look...on an Italian

LWF '10...At Paul Smith

LWF '10...Italian Journo at Roksanda Ilincic

One of the most stylish men I have ever seen. Simple, elegant and classy all the time. Kept popping into view everywhere I went

Thursday, 23 September 2010

LWF '10...At Roksanda Ilincic

The forever classy Miss G

LFW '10... Women and Socks Series

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

LwF '10...Nedim At Nicole Farhi

A stylish and talented young photographer, Nedim, always surprises me with the subtle little details of his wardrobe that's never immediately obvious to the eye. Here it was the cravat - so coolly incongruous on casual-wear - that grabbed me first when I noticed that it wasn't just any ordinary shirt that he had on. More a long-sleeved cotton polo - with elasticated band on waist and sleeve - with a twist, as the cliche goes...

LWF '10...Purple At Nicole Farhi

What more can one add here?! Perfect!...And he was very pleasant which is always a huge plus in my book.

LWF '10...At Nicole Farhi

Kept seeing this Italian lady, always looking very classy

NOT London Fashion Week

What a lovely young woman! The easiest smile ever, full of character and curiosity. Why don't we see women like her on catwalks? I bet we'd see fewer fashion houses go bust at such frequency...

Great colours too...not to mention her perfect skin and complexion

LFW '10...The Tucked-in Trouser Leg, Erdem Show

At first glance it was this chap's yellow (no, not again!) pocket square that got my attention, then as he fully revealed himself from the throngs exiting the Erdem show did I notice the trousers tucked into his socks.

This is a common practice among cyclists but I've seen it once or twice (and in fact I have done it myself) without a pushbike in sight. So, my curiosity was justifiable when I inquired whether he'd worn it all through the shows as a declaration of style or had only done them up for his awaiting, er, aluminum steed. My relief and excitement was palpable when he made it known that it was very much a sartorial statement. I felt I found another soul brother...

I can imagine that some find this utterly ridiculous but to me this is sexy and yet another way to unchain men from the limited options available to covering one's lower body. Right on, my brother!


London Fashion Week '10...The Yellow Cape @ Erdem

I must be slipping. Another bleeding model! But that cape was just stunning - and in my fave colour, so what can a lad do?!

London Fashion Week '10...Potato Chips Surprise

Those crazy Japanese again! It's a wallet! Ha ha

Outside the magical Erdem show. The most romantic environment and gorgeous dresses. I'm becoming a fan and he's a straight-up kinda bloke too

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

London Fashion Week '10...Sock-less Shoe Trend Casualties

(Picture courtesy of The Nyanzi Report)

The sockless shoe/ankle-length slacks trend on the gents is showing no signs of slowing down. Harking back to '50s varsity styles thru the Don Johnson Miami Vice era, it recently picked up steam when Thom Browne reinterpreted it for the moneyed businessman at Brooks Brothers with more or (rather, sadly) less success for this century. Now I do dig this look as much as the next cat but even Mr Browne felt inclined to sport his expensive brogues with black Nike ankle socks in a notorious Guardian spread - which incidentally I find the most unfortunate sartorial faux pas on the otherwise immaculately turned-out designer.

A well-known blogger recently conducted a survey on the issue, and interestingly, the Italians insisted on donning invisible (is that the name?) socks and found the English sock-less practice, well, "sick" with which I couldn't agree more. (Confusingly, the second picture from the top documents a well-known Italian fashion journo falling victim to the Anglo-Saxon way of doing things.)

Leather will always chafe - with which these chaps will surely concur - thus leaving the house without the comfort of a cotton foot garment is puerile and not without consequences to oneself and, once removed, to one's immediate environment, shall we say... Could an in-built sock (TM) in the shoes themselves be the answer?...;-))

But the plastered ankle look seems so wide-spread these days that it's becoming its own trend...Let's put an end to this and embrace the ladies' new-found love affair with the sock especially if it's multi-coloured, stripey and perhaps even mismatched!!

Rant over!

London Fashion Week '10...Mis-matched Socks

WOW this is hot!! The look of the future?!

London Fashion Week '10...David Nyanzi

One day I'll catch him with his shades off!...

London Fashion Week '10...At Richard Nicoll

Gorgeous scarf

London Fashion Week '10...Somerset House

Very hot look. Love those trousers...and the whole get-up, of course!

London Fashion Week '10...At Vivienne Westwood

I'm breaking one of my cardinal rules: NO models!...But I just couldn't help myself when I spotted this lass emerging from the mayhem after the Westwood circus. Isn't she just cute as a button. Despite my ranting earlier about personality-challenged models, she seemed to be brimming with the stuff. Beautiful!!...Just hope she's legal to appear on a site such as this...

Monday, 20 September 2010

London Fashion Week '10...Buyer From Monaco

Wow, what a stylish English expat! Love the velvet combined with a very casual checkered shirt then mix that with a formal bow-tie. Always had a penchant for incongruous combinations

London Fashion Week '10...Gingham Turn-ups

This is hot. I want!

London Fashion Week '10...Day 3

London Fashion Week '10...Japanese Buyer

An insanely classy and gracious Japanese gentleman. While it's not strictly my style, I want to become his disciple

London Fashion Week '10...Matthias

My friend Matthias from Start on Rivington St. Always stylish with an easy smile

London Fashion Week '10...The Scruffed Brogues

I want these shoes!!!

London Fashion Week '10...The Jacket Detail

Looks like something Folk or Albam would make - a witty little detail only visible in the back. Wanted to like the rest of the outfit but trousers tucked into combat boots?? Too much "on-trend" for my liking

London Fashion Week '10...The Orange Handbag

This lady is definitely after my own heart. Gotta respect someone with such daring for mixing bright colours against the general background of safe, boring, unimaginative black that seems to be the default colour of the fashion pack. We lurve!

London Fashion Week '10...The Azure Shirt-Dress

What rich colour! Matches her eyes too

London Fashion Week '10...Vintage Dress

Gorgeous vintage dress with just the right accessories. The bag, shoes, socks - perfect!

London Fashion Week '10...Multi-coloured Pleated Dress

This is one of my favourite looks of the season so far. Incredible dress, accessorised perfectly

London Fashion Week '10...Japanese Journalist

Yet another uber-stylish Japanese visitor. What's in the water around there??

A sartorial detail very close to my heart having been an ardent proponent of the distressed/scruffy look since I can remember