Saturday, 31 October 2009

London Hats

Fishermen's caps are everywhere these days. Worn mostly smurf-like on top of one's pate. We approve...Not sure when seen on young East End girls though; it seems a bit affected, faciony - like wearing men's shirts or riding fixed gear racing bikes

Unfortunately, I screwed up this picture so I'm forced to show two of him. I liked his style too much to omit him because of my bumbling idiocy. (Note to self: learn the basics of photography before fancying myself a blogger copied and imitated the world over!!)
Very cool jacket and fishermen's cap. I want to avoid faciony types and sadly, the fellow has his own boutique de facion in Soho, but if you got style, baby, I can't just ignore you

London Hats

An unusual stripey cardi on a French man, naturelement

Sunday, 25 October 2009

London - Borough Market Beret

Berets got a bad rep and I just can't, for the life of me, understand why...Check out this chap! How cool is he?! The cashmere jumper, the scarf, the trousers tucked in socks...and of course that chapeau...Class!

London - Recycled Portfolio Bag

Very cool looking bag made out of recycled advertising banners, etc. Here's the link to the Spanish company that makes them. Highly recommended

London wooly hat

Cute how the hat sits on top of his head as opposed to pulled down to his ears as usual. You say smurf, I say cool!

London white socks

London City

She was on her way to a job interview! Right on!!!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Chicago Aqua Building

The first time I saw this detail image (above) of a new building in Chicago, my reaction was "awesome!" An amorphous, organic-shaped new skyscraper in a major metropolis with a rich architectural history, instead of in another EU-money supported regeneration project in, like Moldova or such. Then I saw the wide shot (below) and realised that it's just another rectangular shape that follows the old traditions of skyscraper building. Bit of a disappointment as it's not THAT organic anymore, is it. Yet, it is still extraordinary. One of my fave new buildings.

Architect: Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

London Brick Lane - The Burnt Orange Pumps

When I first spotted this girl I was immediately taken by her style and spirit (and her friend's - see in another entry). But when I saw the picture at home I was blown away by her coquettish pose, the confidence and such beauty and sexuality you seldom see in a young woman of her age. And then of course, there are the heels. Hot! Definitely in the running for "Picture of the year". I LOVE THIS!!! A perfect look and spirit!...

London Brick Lane

Amazing hair. Looked like a 40s starlet's crimped locks...(Do I hear you say "hair envy"?!...har har)

London Brick Lane

Why am I thinking Blade Runner here??? Or should that be Mad Max?!...Nice stockings and jodhpurs combi

London Brick Lane

Brilliant! I bet she even picked her slurpy for its day-glo colour

London Brick Lane

Nino. A future Style Icon?! Will try to shoot more of his threads

London Brick Lane

Nice hat. NOT a trilby! (Thank goodness!)

London Brick Lane

East End facionista 2009

London 149 bus

Bright bright yellow scarf to accessorize a navy pea coat. Shame his green socks didn't fit in the frame

London Southbank

London Bermondsey

No idea what this building is supposed to be, but it appears to be an annex to a new housing development. Whatever it is, it is a clever frontage to an otherwise bland structure that also serves as a piece of public pop art. We approve

London Columbia Rd Flower Market

Nice combination: canary yellow shoes, dark green tights and blue skirt! And a smile!

London Columbia Rd Flower Market

This is what I'm talkin' about, kids! Spot on! Even the dog's leash is there to complement the style (?), to add a touch of contrast to an otherwise monochromatic look

London Shoreditch Hight Street

Love those trousers. Not exactly harem pants; wouldn't know what they're called, but sure different. Apparently bought at "no-one" on Kingsland/Shoreditch High Street. Notice the baby blue socks peeking out just "so" much

London Kingsland Road

Wow, this guy is super dapper! Don't like black myself at all (I think it's a lazy colour for people with no imagination) but with that touch of red?! Formidable (say it with French elan)!!..Not to mention his confident poses. Most well-dressed men seem self-conscious in a suit, particularly so when worn with a dash of flair like a red pocket square, or red collar buttons, but there's no arrogance, bragadaccio or self-awareness to this guy. He knows he's perfectly put out but it doesn't seem to be an issue. He is like this every day. That suit is his second skin, not a costume as with most...

Friday, 16 October 2009

London Spitalfields Market

The perfectly cut Saville Row suit. I know, I know...this is the territory of a rather better known American blogger, but class is class, ok?!


My mate Carlos. More on him later to prove his credentials as a future Style Icon. For now, just this...
Who else could do a cardi as effortlessly as him with his ratty old jeans, cut off t's and NHS glasses?!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Turned-up Trouser Cuffs

Hmmmm. I've been thinking about these for awhile as they're unavoidable especially in my neck of the woods. I like, yet...don't they have a whiff of "safeness" about them? If you wanna show off your ankles and fancy socks, why not have the courage and cut the pants short or, mon dieu!, have them hemmed. But rolled up - I hear you reason, my financially challenged young student friends - if the look goes out of facion you still have a perfectly nice pair of slacks. It's sensible but a bit of a cheat.
Safe, especially to someone whose ankles have been on display since his mother's penchant for capri trousers and to someone whose short-pants-and-brogues look was the subject of much mirth (at best) and ridicule (less so) before this current Thom Browne-instigated vogue. Miaow...Discuss!
All I'm saying is: TRENDS, avoid them or you'll end up looking like any, well, Thomas, Richard or Henry...

London Flea Market

London Broadway Market

Loving the red/yellow combi and of course the way the bandana is tied around her head, certainly different. 1940s land girls?!

London Broadway Market

Hmmmm another pair of jeans hoisted up to the knees or were these designed like that?? Interesting...Didn't Levi's had something similar in limited edition some time back?

London by Union Canal

This is really cute.
Interestingly, this is not a look I could ever emulate as I'm not big on earth tones, cardigans or turned up trouser cuffs yet this really works for me. Just to show you that it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it, blah blah...

Just noticed. I have the same flat-toed brogues but in a lighter shade. Mine were a flea market find. Loakes, naturally...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

London Brick Lane

Had to run after this guy for blocks. Was convinced his rucksack was Supreme's latest or perhaps Gravis (my two faves at the mo). Turns out it was, gasp, Topshop from last year. Kudos Sir Phillip!

London St Martin's

Nice cardi!

London Brick Lane

Clash of patterns and colours. It is so wrong it is absolutely right!!! Love it!

Oh, hello! Isn't this our fellow from yesterday! And just getting cooler and cooler. Style Icon in the making, do I hear you say?! Everything works here perfectly. Red and yellow together (my latest fascination), the green trainers with yellow laces. Ok, so it's a blasted fixed-gear bike - all the Shoreditch trendy wannabees' transport of choice - but this is quite something as a piece of product design, and the blue compliments his colours. Way to go!

Monday, 12 October 2009

London Broadway Market

Love that yellow. Mixed with the red cap. Formidable!

What spirit! That smile! The "pose"...and the pinny! Stylin!


Beautiful (Hungarian arts and crafts?) entrance of a high school in Budapest