Thursday, 21 October 2010

Frieze Fringe Events on Vyner St...Green Anorak

Frieze Fringe Events on Vyner St...Julien's Shoes

At Frieze Art Fair...South Korean "3D" Video Art

Sadly, I lost the name of the artist, but quite liked his work. Was at the Kukje Gallery stall

At Frieze Art Fair...Israeli Film Posters

Posters designed by the films' director Yael Bartana

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

At Frieze Art Fair...Rock Hudson

This chap stood out from the crowd not only because of his considerable height and movie star good looks but because of the incongruity of his Adidas tracksuit amongst all the deconstructed Japanese designs in black. A most daring feat...alas he was only there to accompany his very stylish lady friend, him in fact being a personal trainer.

At Frieze Art Fair...Checkered Jacket

A perfectly turned-out young Italian gent

At Frieze Art Fair...An Apparition

Would anybody know who this woman is? I am fascinated by her.

At Frieze Art Fair...Rings For Eyes

At Frieze Art Fair...Vintage Yves Saint-Laurent

At Frieze Art Fair Vip Opening Event...Red and Green

What a cornucopia of colours - particularly the red and its hues

At Frieze Art Fair Vip Opening Event

A Vintage Brompton Bike?

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Some Clown at Fashion Week

Courtesy of Nedim Nazerali

Courtesy of Nyanzi Report

Courtesy of Nyanzi Report

A Brazilian Dress

Why does this remind me of Hungarian folklore patterns?

Love the clashing patterns of the dress and jacket combined with grey brogues... And that infectious smile

Lena's a Brazilian fashion designer with a great little website

Stripey Socks

The Flowery (Man)bag

Red Polka Dot Hanky

A stylish animation director, Dan O'Rourke


Cosmo, a style icon in the making, me thinks

The Latvian Jumper

Great jumper, quirky/cute face

Bicycle Handlebar Art Project

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The End of London Fashion Week, September 2010

Phew. It's over! Never thought I'd finish commenting on this season's shenanigans

Still feel like a cheat after having infiltrated enemy lines in my frustration to find something original on the streets. It will never be a challenge to stalk the cobbled pavements of Somerset House to shoot people who have studied how to look/dress/act different and who are surrounded by fellow facionistas who will inspire/pressure them to continue to do so. But it kind of defeats the purpose of this enterprise: to find people of the street with an individual voice and style unconnected to the world of facion

Oh well...trudging on!

LWF '10...The Yellow Happy Socks

My friend Hermano and his socks. Great colours and contrast

But I will never understand (as a sock fetishist) what is the point of designing socks with details - such as these colour blocks - that will forever be invisible to the passing eye! It's nice for the wearer to know that when in the privacy of his home he can smugly look down at his feet sans footwear and acknowledge those secret toe and heel colour blocks. But why bother designing such follies if they make no discernible visual contribution to a particular look?!

Remember many a times in otherwise well-stocked sock departments of my favourite shopping emporiums when my frustration reached near violent levels upon coming across the most beautiful colour combinations - on the toes and heels!! Ha! Heart now sunk I replaced the offending garment and left with a determination to start my own foot stockings company...(Erm...In the pipeline!)

Happy Socks offered an initial jolt of hope in the field, but sadly, I've been disappointed by their safe or down-right odd colour combos of late.

Richard James does have a vibrant colour palette but his socks practically feel like women's tights on due to the fabric's extreme thinness...

LWF '10...The Purple Jumper

What a difference a well-chosen accessory makes! Without the purple of the jumper, it would be the most bland look, but suddenly it's absolutely stunning with the added colour. Very nice

LWF '10...Omar Kashoura

After a quick change, Omar re-appears in another stylish get-up. Love the orange socks mixed with the green jeans and grey shoes. Also, his own-design briefcase

LWF '10...Nedim's Shirt

Another surprising detail on Nedim's garb. At first glance it's just an ordinary classic white shirt which I duly ignored. It wasn't until some time later that I caught him with his back to me when I spotted the elasticated sleeves and back. (Rubber threads seem to be a running theme for the fellow...) I love the wit of this idea

I'd be curious to find out what other bombshells his wardrobe would reveal...

Sunday, 3 October 2010

LWF '10...Barnaby, a Fashion Stylist

Another beautiful face straight out of Brideshead Revisited. This chap's ought to be in front of the camera not behind (as a stylist for The Stylist, a London free weekly).

Oh and he wears his vintage threads rather well...

LWF '10...William Richard Green

The designer (what a great face!) and his collection...very promising, as a matter of fact

LWF '10...A True WTF Moment On Men's Design Day

To get an idea what this camera does, check out the photographer's website(s) and alter egos: Sean Michael/Walter Hugo

(Apologies for the soft focus image, but my contacts were acting up that day)

LWF '10...Lena

The forever stylish Lena, soon to be seen on the pages of a certain starmaker's blog...yes, we're talking about The Sartori...(shhhh)

Discrete little pocket square there

LWF '10...A Vintage Dries Van Noten Dress

LWF '10...A Morgan Allen-Oliver Jumper

LwF '10...Matthew Miller

One of last season's discovery for me, Matthew Miller, is back with his paper jackets that fold into secret pockets in the back

LWF '10...The Talented Mr Kashoura

Call it nepotism if you like, but this is my mate Omar Kashoura's collection and it is very very nice indeed. Wearable menswear with quirky twists or retro references. Oh, and lovely socks, of course!

LWF '10...Matteo Bigliardi

LWF '10...Michael Roberts for One T-shirt

I quite liked these t-shirts by Vanity Fair's Michael Roberts. Also their matching sweatpants which looked more like long johns to me - which is a VERY GOOD THING indeed, people!