Tuesday, 5 October 2010

LWF '10...The Yellow Happy Socks

My friend Hermano and his socks. Great colours and contrast

But I will never understand (as a sock fetishist) what is the point of designing socks with details - such as these colour blocks - that will forever be invisible to the passing eye! It's nice for the wearer to know that when in the privacy of his home he can smugly look down at his feet sans footwear and acknowledge those secret toe and heel colour blocks. But why bother designing such follies if they make no discernible visual contribution to a particular look?!

Remember many a times in otherwise well-stocked sock departments of my favourite shopping emporiums when my frustration reached near violent levels upon coming across the most beautiful colour combinations - on the toes and heels!! Ha! Heart now sunk I replaced the offending garment and left with a determination to start my own foot stockings company...(Erm...In the pipeline!)

Happy Socks offered an initial jolt of hope in the field, but sadly, I've been disappointed by their safe or down-right odd colour combos of late.

Richard James does have a vibrant colour palette but his socks practically feel like women's tights on due to the fabric's extreme thinness...

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