Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Citrus Scarf

Quite liked the way this eccentric looking chap tied a silk scarf over a cardi. 
That is until the label revealed itself from a most unmentionable name on 
the high street. It just shows you that it's not the provenance of your garment 
but how you carry it off that matters!...:-) 

Zip Cinching on Woolen Jacket

An unusual cinching detail on a woolen jacket

Monday, 20 May 2013

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories - a "review"

Here's my two forints' worth on the much too under-publicised Daft Punk album: Can't call it disappointing as my expectations were near zero. But having finally had a listen it is shockingly bland. This is the stuff I remember both public and critics ignoring and/or ridiculing in the late '70's/early '80s. (Toto, Kansas even Herbie Hancock's jazz funk period, anyone?!) We didn't buy into the smooth, technically superlative but soulless production then, why are we falling for it now? Are we being fooled by a sophisticated marketing campaign (of a magnitude never before seen for an album release - TWO MINUTE TV ad on prime-time TV?! Holly shit!!! This had better sell in Thriller-like bucket loads or Columbia Records is bust!) or are we just hungry for anything that harks back to a time when hedonism was still viewed with a degree of innocence (or willful ignorance?)? Or is it simply a new generation's misplaced irony-laced nostalgia for a period they didn't actually live through? It is devoid of a single fresh idea - which could be redeemed by some memorable melodies but apart from the mildly hummable Get Lucky, it lacks that too.

So, yes, with a very heavy heart I must declare this a disappointment. But perhaps it is the band's fault. If they hadn't hyped it this much we would just accept it as Human After All Part II which is what this is and not the Second Coming as all the publicity makes it out to be.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Justin Smith - Milliner

An original!

Dapper Dave, my old neighbour

LWF '10...The Purple Jumper

What a difference a well-chosen accessory makes. Without the puple of the jumper the outfit'd be pretty bland

Paris Fashion Week A/W 12

LFW S/S 12 Meadham Kirchhof, Red-chequered Skirt


Giorgio Moroder: Racer NEW TRACK!!

LOVE THIS. Wanna hear what Todd Terje's gonna do with it.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Photobombing Pixie Geldoff Outside V&A

Well, what's a chap to do when stuck in a queue facing a mob of
cameras across the red carpet?! 

"David Bowie Is" Exhibition Opening Party at the V&A

Issaye Miyake Pleats Please? Mais non! DIY

Jade Parfitt

Hugo Lavin of Varon magazine (nice boots, H!)

Love fraying jean cuffs

A most unusual hair do

THAT Vivienne Westwood hat

Not a star fucker but Tilda Swinton's presence and beauty in the
flesh really took me by surprise 

Love natural beards regardless how shaggy or patchy they might be.
(Mr Tilda Swinton No 2 Sandro Kopp. A lovely guy)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Lovely collection of greens here to reflect the late spring blooming of trees everywhere we look. The hats must heed a particular attention. Noticing this style more and more. Very nice!

Stan Getz: Wives and Lovers

Rainy Tuesday kinda mood.

Was looking for the Roy Haynes (the drummer on this recording) version but cannot be found, so here's Stan the man instead. Not too bad, this.


After a somewhat (semi?)-enforced exile, I'm giving this blogging lark another whirl. Less and less interested in documenting what's on the street sartorially. (Perfectly explained in that notorious article for the New York Times by Suzy Menkes, linked further below.) People have cottoned on to what hipsters with cameras around their necks might end up doing with their pictures, and, unless the subjects are fashion peacocks, they want nothing to do with strangers ripping their look into pieces on tumblr et al. Therefore most will decline their pics taken and if they don't, you don't want them on your site. Ha! The futility of the modern day blogger, eh?!

So, I've decided henceforth to concentrate on the mundane things in my life that grab my attention. It may still be an unusual get-up I spot on the street (only if I am able to have a snap on the sly), but it might be a pop ditty that I can't stop whistling, a music video of some redeeming quality, an ad or a flick (most likely of the art-house variety), to wit, stuff that I'd normally post on my FB profile to a rather smaller audience.

So, BE WARNED, we are indeed saying adieu, farewell or just plan "no" to facion from now on, and embrace the beauty in the humdrum and prosaic! So, HELLO TUESDAY, you neglected shaggy dog, you!

Meadham Kerchhoff A/W '13

A rather late report on my buddy Ben Kirchhoff's latest mad collection. The boys (with partner Ed Meadham) never disappoint. Do I detect a splash of Central-European folkloric influences yet again? (See A/W '11)...I particularly loved the Tate Modern's new The Tanks as an inspired location. Grandiose, bombastic, alienating, frigid - against the romanticism of the clothes on display.