Monday, 20 May 2013

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories - a "review"

Here's my two forints' worth on the much too under-publicised Daft Punk album: Can't call it disappointing as my expectations were near zero. But having finally had a listen it is shockingly bland. This is the stuff I remember both public and critics ignoring and/or ridiculing in the late '70's/early '80s. (Toto, Kansas even Herbie Hancock's jazz funk period, anyone?!) We didn't buy into the smooth, technically superlative but soulless production then, why are we falling for it now? Are we being fooled by a sophisticated marketing campaign (of a magnitude never before seen for an album release - TWO MINUTE TV ad on prime-time TV?! Holly shit!!! This had better sell in Thriller-like bucket loads or Columbia Records is bust!) or are we just hungry for anything that harks back to a time when hedonism was still viewed with a degree of innocence (or willful ignorance?)? Or is it simply a new generation's misplaced irony-laced nostalgia for a period they didn't actually live through? It is devoid of a single fresh idea - which could be redeemed by some memorable melodies but apart from the mildly hummable Get Lucky, it lacks that too.

So, yes, with a very heavy heart I must declare this a disappointment. But perhaps it is the band's fault. If they hadn't hyped it this much we would just accept it as Human After All Part II which is what this is and not the Second Coming as all the publicity makes it out to be.

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