Saturday, 27 February 2010

Two Stylish Dudes at Mens' Fashion Shows

Loving the long johns as outerwear look!! Isn't that supposed to be WOMEN'S WEAR?! Har har

Friday, 26 February 2010

At Matthew Miller

Hot damn! This is cool stuff. I could wear this. Will this ever catch on like a Thom Brown pant length?!

At Florian

Not sure what this was about but I sure liked it. Something to consider for a future film project perhaps?

At Lou Dalton

Perfectly wearable clothes for the gents. I want that hat! Yep, another hard felt cap

Red Wings (?)

Just the right side of scruffy. GRRRRRR


Thursday, 25 February 2010

At Jonathan Saunders

Quite liked some of the dresses here, mostly the vibrant colourful ones (shock, horror, eh!)...Again, socks and skirts, so I was happy...

BUT one of my gripes about the shows: the girls just cannot, FOR THE LIFE OF GOD, walk! Now, I cannot imagine how awfully uncomfortable those heels must be, but then either the designer (or show producer) must make sure the models learn how to walk ie "sell" them or the designer should not create these monstrosities in the first place if they are impossible to wear. It all seemed so counter-productive; it destroyed the effect the clothes successfully conveyed. I was exasperated and laughing at the amateurishness.

What was even sadder was seeing the buyers/editors/whatever desperately trying the recreate the model looks in 9 inch heels and laughably failing on a grand scale. NOT a single one of them was able to walk in them with grace and (wait for it) "femininity" - that hateful word, I know! Now I love women on heels as much as the next guy but not when they look like retirees on invisible crutches knees bent, shoulders hunched for balance (or just dragged down by their identikit man bag-size handbags) and a dogged concentration on their faces. What they really needed was Zimmer frames. Not an attractive look

Btw, the shoes at Jonathan Saunders were by Louboutin and were very nice indeed

Marina - A Brazilian Beauty

Another girl I'd much rather see on the catwalks. Got beauty, curves and personality. La Donna!

Purple Pumps

One of the designers at the exhibitions. Great dress, tights, shoes - unique yet wearable, unlike most things on the catwalk

Those Pants!

I absolutely adore this woman!! Obviously the eye is drawn to the brilliantly patterned pants but then it's down to the socks, and we all know how I feel about women and socks!... The scruffed up shoes and the fake fur-collared coat make the look effortlesly complete.

A Courtauld Institute Student

Bella, eh?! Why can't they have beautiful women like her on the catwalks? A somewhat more realistic representation of femininity, no? More on that later...

(Is that an Erdem or Peter Pilotto dress? ...or Primark...Looks digitally printed...You see, I'm catching up...)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Orange Coat, Part 2

The gorgeous "Clothes Whisperer". By jove, this girl has class!... (And she sure can strike a pose with ease!)

An otherwise tricky colour-combo here, but it just proves my maxim again: it's how you carry it off, baby!

The Be-socked Lady

Dig women in socks; always have...

The Hat With The Flap

It subsequently transpired that it was one Laura Bailey, a former model of some renown. What do I know! Nice hat, nevertheless

My Favourite Icelandic Couple

Here we go again. Hugrun (red lipstick) and Magni (beard) never fail to impress with their colour sense and combination of patterns/textures. Not only are they super stylish but probably the nicest people I had the good fortune of meeting amongst the otherwise air-kissing mob of facionistas.
They are the proprietor/designers behind the Kron by KronKron label, a Reykjavik shoestore/ shoredesign outfit.

Here's their website:

The Polka Dot Socks

Monday, 22 February 2010

The Icelandic Design Power Couple

Insanely stylish couple from Iceland. I've seen them on other blogs and witnessed their popularity with snappers this week - everybody seems to be after them and rightly so.

They strictly deny picking their respective outfits in the morning to match each other's...har har

Justin Smith - Milliner

An original!

Shoestring Belt on Folk Jacket

Nothing to do with the media scrum around the corner

Russian Head-dress

She is a young Russian journo writing for Snob magazine. Love her appropriation of traditional
headscarfs still worn in Russian villages

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Happy Socks

Steve Monaghan from Sane Communications. They do PR(?) for Happy Socks my fave purveyors of man stockings. Obviously I like these socks and, while I'm not keen on tattoos, one peeking out from under such fine foot garment does lend an otherwise landed gentry look a touch of incongruity - which, it must be added, we always approve of. A stylish fella, this

Also, I'm partial to ratty old jeans and patches, especially if they've been in one's collection since new - as opposed to picked up distressed at All Saints or such...

The Naturals

Probably the single most photographed woman of the day. Not a pro but the girl sure could pose!! Lovely too...All the desperate facionistas present could learn one or two tricks from this lass in simplicity, quirkiness - elegance

An effortlessly cool kid

The Orange Coat


The Continental Fashion Buyer (?!)

The Red Beard

Nice beard, Alistair!

Colour Clash

Great combination of colours amongst all the pre-requisite blacks. We approve

The Felt Cap

Been seeing these hard felt caps around. Even Kangool has one in charcoal. I like. A touch of French Legionnaires about them.

A nice moment there, kids!

Dubai Bazaar Gift Bag

I want this bag!

Pattern Clash. Yeah!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Circus Has Begun

By the far the most stylish of all the hangers-on on the first day

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Nuno Impresses - Again!