Thursday, 25 February 2010

At Jonathan Saunders

Quite liked some of the dresses here, mostly the vibrant colourful ones (shock, horror, eh!)...Again, socks and skirts, so I was happy...

BUT one of my gripes about the shows: the girls just cannot, FOR THE LIFE OF GOD, walk! Now, I cannot imagine how awfully uncomfortable those heels must be, but then either the designer (or show producer) must make sure the models learn how to walk ie "sell" them or the designer should not create these monstrosities in the first place if they are impossible to wear. It all seemed so counter-productive; it destroyed the effect the clothes successfully conveyed. I was exasperated and laughing at the amateurishness.

What was even sadder was seeing the buyers/editors/whatever desperately trying the recreate the model looks in 9 inch heels and laughably failing on a grand scale. NOT a single one of them was able to walk in them with grace and (wait for it) "femininity" - that hateful word, I know! Now I love women on heels as much as the next guy but not when they look like retirees on invisible crutches knees bent, shoulders hunched for balance (or just dragged down by their identikit man bag-size handbags) and a dogged concentration on their faces. What they really needed was Zimmer frames. Not an attractive look

Btw, the shoes at Jonathan Saunders were by Louboutin and were very nice indeed

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