Sunday, 29 November 2009

Two Friends

What lovely people!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Farrah Fawcett

What more can I say! Farrah! The hottest pin-up ever?!!

Monday, 16 November 2009

London Piccadilly

Wow, this guy is awesome! It took me a while to talk him into having his picture taken, but after an hour's philosophising (ahem), he relented, and how grateful I am! What an outfit! It has a 19th century Russian peasant feel to it - in my mind. Is it the coat's collar, the red scarf, the cap, the leather belt over a wool coat, the deep-crotched trousers - even the shoes!? Brogues with no heel...I wanna say "tres cool" but he would hate it... Hey, how 'bout "gutsy" then?!

Thanks Hector!

London Shoreditch Hight Street

I love this picture so much for so many reasons. Yes, it's an awful composition (and totally out of focus having been taken from the upper deck of a moving bus) but I like it exactly for that. It almost screams to be used as my homepage main picture, with all the relevant information scribbled in the vast empty space on the right. Also, the crazy colours on that girl illustrates perfectly what my blog tries to celebrate, encourage, highlight (Note the orange hairpin!)... And then, of course, there's the energy and dynamism of it all. Isn't it just, like, so SayNoToFacion, dahlings?!


Alright kids, I ain't condoning permanent body harm here, but amongst all the idiotic tribal tattoos and their ilk, when I spot something different, I notice and appreciate! This one even has an air of irreverence in the context of cliched body "art"...Can't help thinking of Oasis's original band logo though... FYI, Kuwabara means "mulberry" in Japanese

London Columbia Rd Flower Market

Yet another "Land Girls" headscarf! Hmmmm...A cute couple

London Columbia Rd Flower Market

Great skirt

London, My Neighbours Klaus and Julie

I'd been dispairing at the lack of "talent" on the market that day when this blur of colours rolls by me. Not recognising them at first, I was relieved to see it was my homeboy Klaus and his lovely lady Julie in their sunday best splendour. And to think I had to travel this far just to see these two from across the street!...
Been a fan of his choice of threads for years. For a straight man to be this bold with colours, I can only admire and congratulate the fellow!
(You might wanna be more careful with your choice of plastic bags in the future, matey! Chartreuse, perhaps?!...Har har)

London, Mark

NoBrow Magazine Launch Party at DreamBags/Jaguar Shoes

Great beard, Paul!

NoBrow Magazine Launch Party at DreamBags/Jaguar Shoes

Another "Land Girls" scarf...It's spreading like fire

Lovely mix of colours, patterns and textures

What's going on here, chaps?! Chamoun and Julien

Michael. Found his entire outfit in the skip. Incredible. I was so inspired by this I'm tempted to re-name the blog THE SKIP AESTHETIC or such. Absolutely love the striped round-collared shirt/patterned jumper combo

The Hon. Lysander T's Birthday Bash :-)

Refreshing mix of primary colours amongst all the gloomy greys in the London autumn. Mustard, emerald and purple?! We approve!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

London Brick Lane

The way to wear a pork-pie hat, young men! Nice jacket too!

London Brick Lane

Wow, what a beautiful girl. The power of no make up. And of course, that scarf that turn into a hoodie. Combined with an inexpensive jersey dress, jeans and slouchy boots, e presto: STYLE!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

London Portobello Road

Hmmmm... had high hopes for this supposedly legendary part of London... alas it was a rather disappointing experience. Mostly west london trustafarians in All Saints garb...These chaps were the only two that stood out...Yes there were a lot of scarfs around (or should we call them cravats?!) and this fellow (top) carried it off best. It was more his personality (combined with his get-up) that won me over. A rather pleasant gent. What could possibly be any more stylish than that!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

London - City Banker

Wow, what a beautiful suit! Made to measure in Italy, of course...Doesn't he look like he's just stepped out of Antonioni's L'Avventura channeling Gabriele Ferzetti!?...And the hair, the hair!

London Market Trader

Yes, red nail polish

London Liverpool Street

Simple but classy

London Hats and Vintage Raleigh

Gorgeous vintage Raleigh. Nice touches all around. The workmen's jacket, the blue socks, the briefcase on the rear rack - but the best accessory of all is that green beaute. I used to whizz around "The Apple" on similar wheels back in the day, although mine had more of an emerald green tint to it...

Again, I broke my "no facion-types on me blog" rule. He's a facion photographer! Oh well...