Monday, 16 November 2009

London Piccadilly

Wow, this guy is awesome! It took me a while to talk him into having his picture taken, but after an hour's philosophising (ahem), he relented, and how grateful I am! What an outfit! It has a 19th century Russian peasant feel to it - in my mind. Is it the coat's collar, the red scarf, the cap, the leather belt over a wool coat, the deep-crotched trousers - even the shoes!? Brogues with no heel...I wanna say "tres cool" but he would hate it... Hey, how 'bout "gutsy" then?!

Thanks Hector!


  1. Y'know it COULD'VE been YOU!

  2. Wow you have captured some great style on the London streets. Your convincing powers are paying off. Great blog