Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Django Django: Default

My fave new band of 2012 so far

MUSIC 2011

Yes, I realise how safe this chart has turned out but it's a reflection on the music scene in 2011. Some fantastic pop songs, but nothing that grabs you by the gut and makes you go "Fuck Yeah!!" A lot of 80's rehash that our younger brothers have enthusiastically embraced but none as modern and as the whole PJ Harvey album. So, overall, a rather meh year, non?...


1. Joe Goddard: Gabriel
2. Odyssey: Our Love Is Shaped By What We Love
3. The Phoenix Foundation: Flock of Hearts
4. Metronomy: The Look
5. Danger Mouse et al: Black
6. The Pierces: You'll Be Mine
7. Jamie XX/Gill-Scott Heron: I'll Take Care of You
8. Nicola Roberts: Lucky Day
9. Phenomenal Handclap Band: Following
10. Dj Shadow/Little Dragon: Scale it Back
11. PJ Harvey: Let England Shake
12. Patrick Cleandenim: Radio Heartbreak
13. Jonathan Jeremiah: Heart of Stone
14. Metronomy: Everything Goes My Way
15. Foster the People: Houdini
16. PJ Harvey: The Glorious Land
17. Yuksek: Always on the Run
18. Metronomy: Some Written
19. The Phoenix Foundation: Pot
(and reluctantly, the ubiquitous...)
20. Lana Del Ray: Video Games

Friday, 13 January 2012

Toeless Stockings - Columbia Road

Stylishly Eccentric Chappy

Checks and Stripes

A Man Not Squeamish of Colour - Alex

A man after my own heart. Brave choices of colour

Bow Tie - Francesco

Think PINK!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Percival Pop-up Shop Opening

Corduroy Dandy With a Winning Smile

Red Bike - Green Bell

Post-modernism/Annie Lennox Party @ V&A Part 2

Post-modernism/Annie Lennox Party @ V&A

Men's Day - Jacket Detail

Men's Day - Lumberjack Hairdresser?!

Men's Day - Colour Cornucopia

Men's Day - Multi-coloured Canvas Shoes

Mark, stylist

Vintage Camera Case

The Perfect Leather Jacket

Men's Day - Flight Suit

Men's Day - The Ever-present Oversized Glasses

Good face

LFW Men's Day - Pink Jacket