Thursday, 31 December 2009

Tunes of 2009

Haven't paid much attention to music on here yet but I want to make it a regular feature. I'm one of those few who likes the stuff - in moderation!.... Nothing nicer than a hummable little ditty coming through the wireless which then sticks in your ears the whole day. So, here's a short list of all the tunes that did just that this year closing rapidly on us:



Couldn't possible put one over the other. The two absolute constants on my portable reel-to-reel player. The African funk influence is a welcome development in modern popular entertainment, but there's a danger of oversaturation when even a reality TV star in search of street cred embraces the style on their debut 45. A Peter Andre Afro-funk adventure, anyone?!

Nevertheless these two stood out by a mile (sorry, otherwise perfectly respectable but also-ran Vampire Weekend) over the dross in inventiveness, production values, and melody. Ear-worm tunes if I ever heard one and a joy to boogie to!!!


TUNE!!!!!!! Shame about the video. Luke Steele is an awesome songwriter

(Also worth checking out the Shazam and Crazy P remixes. Available on Spotify)


Nothing sounded more 80s this year than this track despite the sweat-soaked desperate attempts of La Roux et al. Not that sounding retro is ever a good thing. But this is fun

Now this was a shock. Not much of a fan of the lady, but this is proper class even if a note-by-note lift off Loletta Holloway's We're Getting Stronger

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Frieze Art Fair

Just got these pics back finally, so had to publish them...Artists, eh?!

The Huns Are Coming! The Huns Are Coming!

Sorry, had to put this on. Like this picture

Monday, 28 December 2009

Xmas In London Part Deux

And now something entirely different. I snapped this chappy some time ago complaining that, while I approved of his style, it was a shame he was in the "biz". Well, I have to concede defeat against our stylish facionistas. They just know better, kids!...Our man here, Johnny, is a boutique owner/production designer, so it really isn't much of a surprise to learn that the, er, rag he's wearing around his neck is...(drum roll!)...a BLANKET! Madness!...Yet so f*&@ing inspired!
Oh, and let's not forget that jauntily placed longshoreman's hat.
Well done, sir!

Xmas In London Or How To Wrap Up With Flair

That's pink gingham (seer-sucker?!), people! We approve

I wish I could carry off a hat like that!

Sometimes pictures just cannot capture how cool a guy is. His outfit might seem naff to some or the colours too muted, but the way he carried himself, his gait and his cockiness made this dude very very cool - and stylish - indeed.

THE COLOURS! Crazy...yet, love it!

My mate, James. I witnessed his development into a stylish gent over the years and he impresses me more and more each time with his simple, grown-up yet very "now" approach to dressing. Shame I didn't catch the shirt under the jacket, a snazzy little checkered, fitted number...Now if I could just grab him with his super classy, erm, special friend one day! A most stylish couple

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A True Style Icon!

And now, the piece de resistance of the day: everything about this lady I love, love, love!! Just the kind of eccentric I set out to to track down when I hatched the idea for this blog! First of all, her poise: note the way she holds her gloves - with a very old-world kind of classiness... The tiny neckerchief, the short trousers with stripy socks, the little suitcase as handbag - but most of all the buttons on her coat: a mix-bag of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. Most inspiring!! In fact I'm determined to rip off all my matching red buttons from my red lumberjack and replace them with some crazy brocades, chicken bones and door knobs , whatever...;-)

She was reluctant to talk to me and be photographed at first but she gradually thawed. I expected her to be the formidable head of the accessories department at the Royal College of Art, alas, all I could get out of her was that she'd been in design in the past... Hmmm

A Super Stylish Dude

Another friendly guy I came across a few days ago. Somehow every single one of my subjects was kind, patient and personable that day, which isn't always the case. I miss out on so many otherwise perfectly suitable characters on the street because the energy I get from them is either smug, cold or intimidating. For me, having the most imaginative or expensive outfit will never be enough if it's not accompanied by a spirit, a personality with which I can connect. That's why I will never be found snapping away at self-satisfied but otherwise perfectly put-out Sloanies at Boujies or the slavishly facion mag spread-imitating pretty boys groomed to the nth in front of Shadow Lounge or whatnot.

Anyway, this chap was gracious and stylish - a class act. This is the way to wear slim-cut trousers and pork-pie hats!...I believe he owns a shoestore called Sniff in East London

(Apologies for the poor picture quality. Was losing light and my flash couldn't compete with the Christmas lights in the background)

Brick Lane Shop Assistant

A retro look made contemporary. I think it's the hair that saves it from "costumey"


My friend Valentine, always dresses in an understated but stylish way. Not French by any chance?! Er...

Like the coat and the boots

Yet another St Martin's Student

Oh well, what can you do! Facion students everywhere you look... Never mind! I love this boho, eclectic, miss-matched style! Right on, girlfriend! The rings spell out her initials. The bag, I was sad to learn, wasn't her own make but mother's purchase... Observe, the tweety bird in here hair!

The Flaming Red hair

Stunning red hair! I will NEVER understand the Brits' shocking, near-racist attitude against "ginger". Red is gorgeous and usually comes with porcelain skin. Phoaar...Or maybe it's just the activist in me, standing up for the underdog, etc...:-)

Besides; a stylish lass!

The Non-creative Industry Snazzy Dresser

Wow, this guy totally made my day. After trawling the streets for months for people with a fresh approach to style BUT with the condition that they needn't be artists, fashion designers/students, stylists, etc - without much success...until I met John. You'd think he was a graphic designer, an advertising man or an architect perhaps. Oh no. He's a house painter, a rather cool and stylish one at that. He re-affirmed the viability of the remit of this blog: NO FACIONISTAS, ONLY STYLISH ORDINARY MEN!
And of course, to "top" it all off (ahem), he's wearing my latest obsession: a beret. Not an easy garment to carry off, but by jove, he succeeds!
Oh, and a lovely bloke too

The St. Martin's Student

Well, yes, another facion student, but I'm coming to realise that one just can't overlook them no matter how much one tries. There are just too few creative dressers outside the creative industries...or at least I am struggling to locate them.

She's beautiful with a very unique style, nevertheless

The Green Hat

Love the military style hat. Combined with matching jacket and a pink business shirt. What poise - and calm on his face!