Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Non-creative Industry Snazzy Dresser

Wow, this guy totally made my day. After trawling the streets for months for people with a fresh approach to style BUT with the condition that they needn't be artists, fashion designers/students, stylists, etc - without much success...until I met John. You'd think he was a graphic designer, an advertising man or an architect perhaps. Oh no. He's a house painter, a rather cool and stylish one at that. He re-affirmed the viability of the remit of this blog: NO FACIONISTAS, ONLY STYLISH ORDINARY MEN!
And of course, to "top" it all off (ahem), he's wearing my latest obsession: a beret. Not an easy garment to carry off, but by jove, he succeeds!
Oh, and a lovely bloke too

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