Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A Super Stylish Dude

Another friendly guy I came across a few days ago. Somehow every single one of my subjects was kind, patient and personable that day, which isn't always the case. I miss out on so many otherwise perfectly suitable characters on the street because the energy I get from them is either smug, cold or intimidating. For me, having the most imaginative or expensive outfit will never be enough if it's not accompanied by a spirit, a personality with which I can connect. That's why I will never be found snapping away at self-satisfied but otherwise perfectly put-out Sloanies at Boujies or the slavishly facion mag spread-imitating pretty boys groomed to the nth in front of Shadow Lounge or whatnot.

Anyway, this chap was gracious and stylish - a class act. This is the way to wear slim-cut trousers and pork-pie hats!...I believe he owns a shoestore called Sniff in East London

(Apologies for the poor picture quality. Was losing light and my flash couldn't compete with the Christmas lights in the background)

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