Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A True Style Icon!

And now, the piece de resistance of the day: everything about this lady I love, love, love!! Just the kind of eccentric I set out to to track down when I hatched the idea for this blog! First of all, her poise: note the way she holds her gloves - with a very old-world kind of classiness... The tiny neckerchief, the short trousers with stripy socks, the little suitcase as handbag - but most of all the buttons on her coat: a mix-bag of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. Most inspiring!! In fact I'm determined to rip off all my matching red buttons from my red lumberjack and replace them with some crazy brocades, chicken bones and door knobs , whatever...;-)

She was reluctant to talk to me and be photographed at first but she gradually thawed. I expected her to be the formidable head of the accessories department at the Royal College of Art, alas, all I could get out of her was that she'd been in design in the past... Hmmm

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