Monday, 28 December 2009

Xmas In London Or How To Wrap Up With Flair

That's pink gingham (seer-sucker?!), people! We approve

I wish I could carry off a hat like that!

Sometimes pictures just cannot capture how cool a guy is. His outfit might seem naff to some or the colours too muted, but the way he carried himself, his gait and his cockiness made this dude very very cool - and stylish - indeed.

THE COLOURS! Crazy...yet, love it!

My mate, James. I witnessed his development into a stylish gent over the years and he impresses me more and more each time with his simple, grown-up yet very "now" approach to dressing. Shame I didn't catch the shirt under the jacket, a snazzy little checkered, fitted number...Now if I could just grab him with his super classy, erm, special friend one day! A most stylish couple

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