Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My Favourite Icelandic Couple

Here we go again. Hugrun (red lipstick) and Magni (beard) never fail to impress with their colour sense and combination of patterns/textures. Not only are they super stylish but probably the nicest people I had the good fortune of meeting amongst the otherwise air-kissing mob of facionistas.
They are the proprietor/designers behind the Kron by KronKron label, a Reykjavik shoestore/ shoredesign outfit.

Here's their website:


  1. That Scott fellow can't get enough of this fella either it seems

  2. Scott who??!

    Funny, I was there when the bearded fella was posing for this but don't remember the Sartorialist near him. How could I miss the diminutive American snapping away?!