Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Turned-up Trouser Cuffs

Hmmmm. I've been thinking about these for awhile as they're unavoidable especially in my neck of the woods. I like, yet...don't they have a whiff of "safeness" about them? If you wanna show off your ankles and fancy socks, why not have the courage and cut the pants short or, mon dieu!, have them hemmed. But rolled up - I hear you reason, my financially challenged young student friends - if the look goes out of facion you still have a perfectly nice pair of slacks. It's sensible but a bit of a cheat.
Safe, especially to someone whose ankles have been on display since his mother's penchant for capri trousers and to someone whose short-pants-and-brogues look was the subject of much mirth (at best) and ridicule (less so) before this current Thom Browne-instigated vogue. Miaow...Discuss!
All I'm saying is: TRENDS, avoid them or you'll end up looking like any, well, Thomas, Richard or Henry...

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