Wednesday, 22 September 2010

LFW '10...The Tucked-in Trouser Leg, Erdem Show

At first glance it was this chap's yellow (no, not again!) pocket square that got my attention, then as he fully revealed himself from the throngs exiting the Erdem show did I notice the trousers tucked into his socks.

This is a common practice among cyclists but I've seen it once or twice (and in fact I have done it myself) without a pushbike in sight. So, my curiosity was justifiable when I inquired whether he'd worn it all through the shows as a declaration of style or had only done them up for his awaiting, er, aluminum steed. My relief and excitement was palpable when he made it known that it was very much a sartorial statement. I felt I found another soul brother...

I can imagine that some find this utterly ridiculous but to me this is sexy and yet another way to unchain men from the limited options available to covering one's lower body. Right on, my brother!


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