Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Paris Fashion Week - @ Valentino - Poser in Mink

Refused to shoot the circus outside the tents. Found it tasteless and desperate. People would turn up in the most outrageous couture dresses, walk down the "red carpet" (actually white) then not having tickets for the shows themselves, they turn around and strut back and forth shamelessly hogging the cameras in the hope for two minutes of fame on some obscure blogger's site.

London, compared to the Tuilleries, is like some muddy Midlands village fair. Despite the failure of Robert Altman's "Pret-a-Porter" this is ripe for a revisit by a filmmaker with the right sort of skewed sensibilities. It's as if people were trying to recreate "La Dolce Vita's" Via Veneto scenes 50 odd years on. Mad and sad - they clearly got Fellini's message wrong...

This young woman seemed to be one of the scenesters. At least I liked her colour combo

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  1. A friend of mine implied the same thing you are. The hangers-on in Paris were so desperate for attention the it was embarrassing.