Sunday, 28 March 2010

NOT a Trilby!

Came across this chap on my way to my favourite drinking establishment the other day. Sadly I wasn't prepared for any unforeseen facion encounters, therefore all I had at my disposal was my rather inferior photographic (but otherwise perfectly fabulous) mobile telecommunications device thingy...hence the questionable image quality. Soz

Anyhoo, I was immediatelly taken by this most original cinching technique on his snazzy little old fashioned hat, which I must stress was NOT one of those high street trilby-embarrassments but rather a 1940's gentleman's bonnet. On further investigation, it was revealed to me that it was not any sort of a facion statement, simply a question of practicality - the headgear was simply too big for our chap. Ha! E voila, another style classic is brought into being by sheer accident...Sir, we salute you!

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