Sunday, 11 October 2009

London Spitalfields Market

My first nomination for style icon, so thought I'd start with a bang. Awesome colours and the way they're thrown together! Love it!


  1. Hello my name Dale i also don't like fasion i never know what to by what colours to use i hate buying clothes

  2. hey dale, thanks for your comment. you're my first! i've just started this blogging malarkey...i hate shopping myself but what i really can't stand is this idea that we must worship at the altar of fashion and follow the "seasons" any sane person will throw out last year's garb for the latest fad! and if we don't follow the business's dictat, we're losers, out of the loop, etc...i will explain my modus operandi publicly at a later date

  3. wrong is the new right T - as you know