Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Wartime Gents

Keep seeing these chaps on their jaunty velocipedes (Brooks saddles - naturellement!) always decked out in tweed or '40s workmans garb and brogues finished off with a flat cap. My guess is they're office managers at Staples, non?...


  1. a-ha!
    No, we are not office managers - I (Paul, in blue) am an illustrator and printmaker, my beau Nick (in green) is an animator, and works at Labour & Wait on Redchurch-street in Sundays. Now you know!
    Thanks so much for this lovely pic.

  2. I recognised Mr. Bommer on his bike. Was going to post you a link Paul but you already found it. Beards, bikes n blu de travails. Excellent x