Thursday, 29 July 2010

Summer Hiatus Over?!

Summer's arrived and young folks' sense of style's gone out the window with it. What does a discerning gentleman-blogger make of the preponderance of shorts-and-t-shirt ensembles then?! While a firm supporter of the school of thought that propagates the practicality of dress over facion statement, summer does leave one hankering for the endless possibilities autumn brings with the necessary layering of garment and colour. Hence, warm days mean a barren season for sartorial experimentation but a roaring trade in flip-flops. (The horrors!) While at least colour is in abundance on the street, sadly, so is a lack of imagination. Consequently, inspiration with the camera suffers - as do my legions of subscribers (sic) in the absence of their daily dose of SNTF...

Mea culpa and all that and let us hope we can return to our normal broadcast in no time. But for the present, here's some tidbits our intrepid paparazzo snapped on his inter-continental jaunts (ie Sarf and Norf Larndon!...oh ok, and the german capital)


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