Thursday, 10 March 2011

LFW A/W '11 Backstage at Westwood

Having gotten bored of the scene outside the Royal Courts, I decided to call it a day and started walking home when I noticed one of the the door whores sneaking a few of his pals through the side gates as I was passing them. Perfectly prepared to be kicked out through several security checks, I followed them in without a disapproving glance from anyone. Lost sight of the original crew I entered through a side-door of the immense building and found myself slap bang in the middle of the Westwood backstage pandemonium. Half naked models, armies of photographers, free-flowing champers and not a single security guard to nick the faker. Snapping away at the manic energy through my steamed up lens and helping myself to all the goodies I finally decided to look for the door and make a humble exit...but

More to come...


  1. That must be the fluke of the century. You should consider gate crushing the royal wedding...

  2. I'm a republican!! couldn't give a rat's ass about the royal shenanigans...