Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Most Memorable Moment of 2013 - Part 3. Rick Owens S/S 14 "Vicious Men"

Here they again, my favourite rebel-rousers of last year: Estonia's Eurovision entry, Winny Puhh doing that crazy primal shriek they do so well. This time as part of a Rick Owens fashion show. It is as electrifying/terrifying as their first foray into world-wide infamy but somewhat less so as they only serve as an aural and visual backdrop to selling clothes. That said, the band come out better of this enterprise than the designer as we are focusing on the bizarre goings on to such a degree that we fail to notice the models strutting their stuff around them. Therefore as a fashion show it doesn't quite succeed but makes up for it in breathtaking spectacle and the internet buzz it created for a designer only the die-hard fashionistas have paid much attention to, prior.

Still, what a breathtaking, subversive extravaganza!

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